May 21 2009- The hype about the SG is only matched by its widespread deployment. Consumers may not know that they already have smart grid  technology installed. We will be seeing more and more announcements like this one for Springs utilities about their deployment.


May 21 2009 – Energy Deputy and Commerce Dept  Cabinet agencies are moving ahead with plans to speed deployment of a national smart grid. “ A National Priority”.


May 20 2009- Google + 8 Utilities …enough said.


May 21 2009- DOE gets and earful about the grid and stimulus money. There is a disconnect between what the government is doing  and what utilities are doing and what they know each other is doing.



May 22 2009 – China to build SG by 2020. The difference here is that there is a state controlled Utility Comp from which everything flows.


May 20 2009 – The Australian Government commits  100 million to build out a smart grid. EnergyAustralia has already invested 170 million.


May 2009 –  ABB urges industry collaboration and acceleration of SG standards.


May 21 2009-   EnerVault building batteries for storage for grid that are as effective and MUCH cheaper than “regular” storage . Got some money…they are looking for financing.  While we have smart meters that are well developed we are just in the beginning for storage.

May 21 2009 – Nice blog summary of cap and trade for the construction  industry.


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